18 năm với Open Source !

We have celebrated our 18 years of Open Source. We thank our clients, partners for their trust, and our team for their energy and contribution to our company.

[Phỏng vấn] Ms. Celine Zapolsky: Cơ hội tại Trung Quốc cho Linagora

Celine Zapolsky interview ville de puteaux
Puteaux, a French commune in the western suburbs of Paris, has given the occasion to PMI's, such as LINAGORA to seek for opportunities in the Chinese market. Céline Zapolsky, LINAGORA's Vice-President, shares her point of view on that very special initiative.

Open IA et éthique numérique : l’expérience LinTO (FR)

Open Source Pro - White paper "Open IA et éthique numérique : l'expérience LinTO"
Suite à la troisième rencontre Open Source Pro « Open IA et Numérique éthique », LINAGORA met à disposition son livre blanc qui présente les bouleversements technologiques et organisationnels apportés par les plateformes digitales et l’Intelligence Artificielle au seins des entreprises. Nous expliquons également en quoi nos solution OpenPaaS et...

OpenPaaS: list of 35 scientific publications

Scientific publications OpenPaaS
Today, the list of scientific publications for the OpenPaaS project, an open source collaborative Platform as a Service, is increased to 35. All these scientific publications are gathered in an updated document. You can find the exhaustive list of these publications in the PDF document, organized according to the following...

Phát triển tiềm năng của ứng dụng phần mềm nguồn mở tại Việt Nam

Ngày 05/4/2018, tại trụ sở Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ (KH&CN), Thứ trưởng Phạm Đại Dương tiếp ông Alexandre Zapolsky - Nhà đồng sáng lập kiêm Tổng Giám đốc của Tập đoàn Linagora và bà Céline Charpiot Zapolsky - Giám đốc Kinh doanh tại Linagora đồng thời là Tổng...

Togo: Comtel and French firm Linagora to develop cloud-based messaging service for public administration

Togo Linagora
French firm LINAGORA, which specializes in open-source software, and Comtel Technologies, a major actor of the tech industry in Benin, Niger and Togo, were just selected to develop a cloud-based professional messaging service for the whole Togolese public administration. This was disclosed after the recent council of ministers held last...