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Linh Thao Nguyen

LinEdu joins BambuUp Disruption in Education – Virtual Matchmaking

LinEdu joins DISRUPTION IN EDUCATION – Virtual Matchmaking at 09:00 – 11:00 on 24.02.2021. BambuUP is a digital platform that creates meaningful connections in the Open Innovation Ecosystem in Vietnam.

As you know, digital transformation in education is one of the most concerned subject and eLearning has continued to grow faster in Vietnam, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Facing the challenges of the pandemic, not only universities and schools but also businesses/organizations themselves are seeking for digital transformation solutions to not fall behind. Participating in an open innovation ecosystem is one of the right solutions at the moment for fast and efficient digital transformation.

As part of BambuUP Virtual Matchmaking Series: OPEN INNOVATION BRIDGE – The first series of online events connecting Corporates and Startups to develop Open Innovation, the event DISRUPTION IN EDUCATION – Virtual Matchmaking will contribute significantly to the Route-to-market of Startups.