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The present Privacy policy is applicable to any and all access and activation of the functionalities of the Website and/or Service by Users.

The present Privacy policy may be amended or changed at any time at LINAGORA’s discretion and without any prior notice.

Data processor identity

User personal data is processed by LINAGORA simplified stock company, Tour Franklin, 100 Terrasse Boieldieu, 92800 Puteaux, represented by Mr Alexandre ZAPOLSKY as president.

Compliance with privacy principles

LINAGORA and the User commit to comply with any enforceable rules and regulations regarding privacy and personal data.

Service use privacy

LINAGORA is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of Users.

Any User may anonymously access the Website and use the Service without revealing any personal information except :

  • IP address used to connect to the Website and Service;
  • “User Agent” data so that it functions properly with the User browser and device.

This data is only processed by LINAGORA and only LINAGORA duly authorized technical personal may access this data during its processing.

Additionally, personal data may be stored locally on the device used to access the Website. These are purely technical components required for providing access to the Website and Service to the Users. An optional feature allows the User to change and keep his nickname and gravatar e-mail on the Service. These elements are stored locally in the web browser or the application used to connect to the Service and do not contain any personal data other than that which the User deliberately and willfully chooses to share.

You may request access, modification and/or deletion of any of your personal data which may remain in our possession. Feel free to contact us at

User behavior

As a User, you commit to refrain from engaging in any illegal activity through your access and/or activation of the Website and/or Service features.