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Learning Management System

We are committed to continuously improving  online learning environments for schools and companies in Vietnam.

LinEdu offers a comprehensive, secure and integrated Learning Management System – LMS which helps to improve the quality of online education and training management as well as make the online learning experience more meaningful.

We have been supporting educational institutions in Vietnam and other countries to create their own multidisciplinary e-learning system as well as meet the specific needs of training and administration.

About LinEdu

With more than 5 years of experience in Moodle LMS at Open Hackademy in Paris, France since 2012, we officially launch LINEDU in 2020 which provides eLearning services and open source educational technology solutions. We have been working relentlessly to contribute to the process of digital transformation in education in Vietnam.

Our team of eLearning and IT experts are dedicated to support our customers to build and maintain their eLearning system and resolve all technical issues that may arise. Our eLearning consultants apply goal-oriented and systematic management approach to ensure the project’s success in terms of time, cost and quality.


Our Services


Consulting, Design & Implementation of Online Teaching & Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Install LMS on existing infrastructure
  • Configure, design and personalize the interface following training and learning requirements
  • Install basic plugins, edit or write new plugins following training and learning requirements
  • Provide instructions and guide on basic management functions, including system administration, course administration and student administration
  • Training package: Learn how to design basic learning materials on LMS: 10-hour teaching and practice

Design, Develop and Integrate features required on LMS

Our team of IT engineers and eLearning experts design, develop a Learning Management System specifically for your organization’s needs and requirements.

  • Design and build LMS platform following specific training and teaching requirements.
  • Building and developing integrated learning materials on LMS
  • Consulting and developing new integrated plugins as required by the clients
  • Survey, consult and integrate existing disjointed systems into a unified system which is easy to manage effectively
  • Optimize SSO. features
  • Mobile software development (IOS, ANDROID)

Upgrading and Repairing Online Teaching and Learning Management System (LMS)

Moodle can be complex at times.

We provide support for all technical challenges, usability issues, administrative tasks, extended technical support for Moodle mobile and Moodle testing environment.


Educational and training technology solutions, remote and blended learning

Our consultants support our customers to implement educational technology solutions to support educational institutions to implement the model of remote learning and/or blended learning.

IT training courses: IT programming, Tester, DevOps

Our team of IT experts help Vietnamese young talents to advance their IT skills in the field of IT programming, software testing and DevOps. We design a wide range of online courses to suit all your needs:

  • Software programming Course
  • Software Testing Course
  • DevOps Course


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