Assemblée Nationale

The French National Assembly is proud to have identified Open Source software as a key element to propel their organization software needs. Nowadays, they are using several Open Source software technologies, including those provided by LINAGORA.


LINAGORA provides a quick and easy way to help people in the process of learning and helped the French National Assembly to design a migration path to free itself from proprietary solutions and move to open source solutions, one step at a time. At first, pilot projects targeted at motivated users were set up, and upon success, the user base has been extended to cover everyone, driven by user feedbacks and hands-on custom trainings.

Moreover, two useful free softwares to do infrastructure management were deployed: OCS Inventory, a renowned solution for IT asset management, and Fully Automatic Installation (FAI), which can be used to deploy new desktops with only minimal human interaction.

Finally, a support plan covering the Kubuntu-based desktop and its associated office suite ( has been subscribed for four years, to iron out possible issues.
Representatives chose a KDE-based desktop environment, which was configured to be similar to Microsoft Windows. They now exchange documents using a durable and standard format. The great efficiency gain in daily infrastructure management is sparing time for IT administrators to work on evolution strategy or offer end-user support.

The global feedback received from the French National Assembly was every encouraging and keeps LINAGORA motivated in its mission to help clients ‘see’ the benefits of open-source software.