HR ỨNG TUYỂN NGAY Twake THE OPEN DIGITAL WORKPLACE twake-devices Simple and secure collaboration platform that improves your team productivity. Fully compliant with GDPR.
Made and hosted in the EU.
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file sharing application
Private and secure file sharing and cloud storage solution.
Fully compliant with GDPR. Made and hosted in the EU.
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Open Source Software Assurance

OSSA is a comprehensive software insurance solution which covers more than +400 free license Open Source softwares and IT packages to help your business deploy, manage, and get the most out of your IT investments.

OSSA covers a wide list of top Open Source packages including Apache Web Server, CentOS Linux, Tomcat, Wildfly and the most innovative technologies including Docker/Kubernetes, MongoDB, Node.js, ELK, …

With OSSA, our technical experts are 24/7 available to support you. Linagora Vietnam is the only provider offering Open Source Software Assurance (OSSA) service in Vietnam.

Looking for a trusted partner in Open Source?


24/7 Support

OSSA has all your tech needs covered – 24/7.

Guaranteed SLA

We provide a comprehensive insurance solution with multi level support contracts.

400+ Free Open Source Software

Free access to top Open Source packages with a large community making contribution for innovation every day.

All-In-One Solution

Not just an insurance policy but also agile project execution including training and configuration.

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Duplication of the platform to support the implementation of service quality plan

Commitment of means : call back under 1 hour

Commitment to results: corrections are delivered under SLA

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Clients Wordwide

Our technical support team provide you 24/7 support for any type of technical issues that arises which ensures the performance of your IT system.

Our IT experts help you to make better, more effective, lower risk and cost efficient decisions about your business.

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LINAGORA joins the 1st largest community of Free Software enterprises
to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.