Open Source Software Assurance For Entire French Public Administration

ACIM, known as the French government and all public administrations, had always a big interest on Open Source softwares, mainly for its security and freedom aspects. Indeed, Open Source is a major subject that fits with their needs.

The French government did not hesitate to integrate free software as soon as possible to be independant, control their budget and contribute to Open Sources communities. A large number of ministries and public organizations have come together to receive Open Source software assurance benefits.

Today, LINAGORA, Open Source specialists, supports more than 30 organizations in their strategy and adoption of open source: Ministry of the Interior, Department of Defense, Prime Minister’s services, but also Artois Picardie water agency or the DGAC, (the French civil aviation authority).

LINAGORA has supported the French governement in several projects, such as:

  • Processing corrective or adaptive maintenance requests and requests for information concerning the installation, configuration, optimization or operation of open source software
  • Working on free software benchmarks & studies to advise Ministry on software adoption
  • Defining, building and optimizing technical architectures
  • Integrating and developing free softwares
  • Contributing to Open Source communities
  • Providing technical Open Source trainings