Open-Source Digital Archive for the French Government

The democratization of internet access, on-line services with legal evolutions concerning the dematerialization of documents have precipitated the emergence of new use cases for individuals, companies and administrations. The notion of original “renowned documents electronics” is integrated into the processes of companies (invoices, TV declarations, etc.) just like it is integrated for a private individual (electronic pay slip, contract of employment, e-insurance contracts, etc.). This “sensitive” informative heritage is moving more and more to online space with varied levels of safety and non-disclosure commitments. LINAGORA was proud to be selected for its services and expertise by the French government and for the opportunity to build one of the major foundations necessary for the wide adaption of paperless documentation.

VITAM (the future archiving platform for the French government) was aimed at developing a software solution to meet the current needs of departments in managing, processing, preserving, and accessing digital archives, either traditionally or through paperless operations.

On behalf of the French government, VITAM has helped in developing a back-office software for electronic record keeping. This software solution was developed using agile methodology and was released under an open license to ensure easy installation. The project was built on the JAVA ecosystem, while confirming to the framework, standards and procedures of the project sponsor.