La Gendarmerie Nationale

La Gendarmerie Nationale, (one of two national police forces of France), decided to use open source software within their organization for autonomy and its security benefits.

For the national police of France data security is a key concern for organizations. National Police of France wanted LINAGORA to guide and prepare them from a novice organization to an expert organization to master the new technologies based on open source, which is a key concern for organizations, such as the national police of France, who also has faced several stakes. Indeed, they had to form agents so that they become experts, in order to guide and prepare them to master the new technologies based on open source.

La Gendarmerie Nationale decided to collaborate with the experts of LINAGORA in order to train themselves in open source technologies. To answer all needs of the national police force of France, LINAGORA delivered over 300 exempt (dispensed) trainings.

The open source training to the agents included software like:

  • Annuaire LDAP
  • Nagios
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Linux

Over 100 members of La Gendarmerie Nationale were trained. All of them were satisfied and LINAGORA got a customer satisfaction rating > 17/20. LINAGORA is proud that it could help Gendarmerie Nationale to learn and adopt open source architecture within its existing systems to best suit their unique needs.