La Poste

In 2007, La Poste (the French Mail Postal service company) made a strategic choice to focus on open source software development to ensure better security and to add flexibility, personalization to their existing IT structure. Further, with open source La Poste realized they can achieve their strategic goals in a shorter timeframe. Thus, La Poste decided to partner with LINAGORA for their open source transformation journey.

Before embarking this journey, La Poste had to do two things:

1/Reassure the use of open source software in its office in accordance with the legacy IT architecture already in place,

2/Guarantee the continuity of its IT information system most importantly to support over 300 software applications across the organization of which 25 ran under critical SLA’s.

LINAGORA’s role within La Poste was to:

  • Assure the support on incident of the open source solutions considered sensitive for the DISF,
  • Follow-up on existing and bring new technical and legal expertise,
  • Provide a 24/7 support over their integration procedures,
  • Recommend use of open source technologies keeping in mind the specific needs of La Poste.